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Bountiful Harvest will feed, clothe and give aid for those in need with love, compassion and urgency.

How we are helping our families

Please visit our Programs page for a list of all of our services.  If you need help you can call 810-360-0271 during Pantry hours.  For after hour assistance please call our 24-hour helpline – 810-534-7275 and leave a message. 

The following is how we are helping our families receive groceries.  We have also expanded our services to include breakfast and lunch for children who are on the ‘Free & Reduced Lunch Program’.  And don’t miss out on Bountiful Harvest Fresh Market that is available every Tuesday. 


  1. Please call 810-360-0271 ahead of time and place your order.
  2. During pick-up hours – pull-up in front of the pantry.
  3. Call 810-360-0271 to let us know you are there.
  4. We will bring your groceries to your vehicle.


For children who are on the ‘Free & Reduced Lunch Program’

  1. Please call 810-360-0271 before 5:00pm for pick-up next day.
  2. Pick-up days & time: TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 12:00pm TO 4:00pm.
  3. If you need delivery – please call to let us know.
  4. Each pick-up will include a meal for that day.
  5. Once signed up – you may come weekly but please call first.


  1. Please call 810-360-0271 to see if you are eligible for delivery.
  2. Place your order using the online Grocery Shopping List Order Form before 12:00pm to receive delivery next day in the afternoon.
  3. If you don’t have access to a computer we will take your order over the phone.
  4. Any order placed before 12:00pm today will be delivered tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Provides free laptops to qualifying children.
  2. Primarily 5th graders who qualify for ‘Free & Reduced Lunch Program’ are eligible.
  3. Please contact Connected Kidz for more information:


Hot Job Production Coordinator

Contact (810).534-6186 or


Hi-Lo Drivers, General Laborers, and Production Associates

Contact Work Skills Production Services at 810 534-6186 or visit







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